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Why you should have your torn ACL fixed...

In the United States today, many people are living very active lives for a much longer period of time then ever before. Nearly all of us want to be able to enjoy the activities that we like doing today, for many years to come. For many people, this may include sports that keep us fit, active and healthy. For many, one of the keys to living a long happy life is participating in sports and exercises that we enjoy with your family and friends. It would be a shame to let a knee injury that can be fixed stand in your way if that can be avoided.

Orthopedic Surgeons have fine-tuned both the operation and rehabilitation for ACL reconstruction surgery to the point where it can be an excellent option for treatment. Surveys report that around ninety percent of people who have had an ACL reconstruction are very happy and satisfied with how their knee functions after surgery. While ACL surgery isn't for everyone, and it is certainly not a decision that you need to rush into, you should give strong consideration to the surgery's potential to keep you as active as possible, for as long as possible. Then, weighing the risks and benefits with your doctor, consider whether the procedure is right for you.


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